SAP S/4 HANA Migrations

Big data doesn’t always lead to better decisions – it’s sometimes actually harder to find insights when you’re drowning in information. A database management system helps you organize and secure data, so you can find the files you need and see the bigger picture in your big data. SAP HANA is a database management system that lets you access and process your data. It helps you run advanced analytics on transactional and analytical data from multiple channels (like development, sales, and customer support) and virtualize that data for anyone to use. Do even more with your data by integrating SAP HANA with your other applications. .

How you can integrate SAP HANA :

Manage data from all your applications – on premises or in the cloud. Protect security and privacy with identity and access management. Use the development and runtime features to build smart applications. .

Data migration can eat through your time if you store and manage files on multiple databases. Save human hours by syncing data storage and management. To automatically move data between platforms, integrate SAP HANA with databases like Amazon S3 and Dropbox.

Take control of data governance to ensure you comply with data security policies across your business. Integrate SAP HANA with other applications to manage governance in one system.

Store sensitive data from important applications in SAP HANA, where you can control identity and access management.

Automatically migrate or duplicate files by integrating SAP HANA with business applications that generate data, like Salesforce or Oracle.